Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Upcoming Shows!

Tuesday October 18th - Absolute Comedy Ottawa.

Wednesday October 19th - Hosting at Yuk Yuk's. 292 Elgin st, Ottawa ON. 8pm $6.

Thursday October 20th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Friday October 21 - Cursed Comedy Murder Show at Pour Boy 495 Somerset St W. 9pm $5.

Thursday October 27th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Friday October 28th - Absolute Comedy Ottawa. 412 Preston St 10:15pm $15.
Sunday October 20th - Absolute Comedy Ottawa. 412 Preston St 7:30pm $10.

Thursday November 3rd - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Tuesday November 8th Crack Up Comp.

Thursday November 10th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Wednesday November 16th - Hosting at Yuk Yuk's. 292 Elgin st, Ottawa ON. 8pm $6. Ben Hagel's Bday!

Thursday November 17th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Tuesday November 23rd - Absolute Comedy Ottawa. 412 Preston St 8pm $7.

Thursday November 24th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Saturday November 26th - Chris Locke at Ottawa Little Theatre

Sunday November 27th Charity show at Yuk Yuk's. 292 Elgin st, Ottawa ON. 7:30pm $10.

Thursday December 1st - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Thursday December 8th - ComedyWorks Montreal 1238 Rue Bishop. 8pm $15.
Friday December 9th - ComedyWorks Montreal 1238 Rue Bishop. 8pm/10:15pm $15.
Saturday December 10th - ComedyWorks Montreal 1238 Rue Bishop. 8pm/10:15pm $15.

Thursday December 15th - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

Thursday December 22nd - Brewery Bingo. Lowertown Brewery 7pm FREE.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Bio and Credits and References


Greg Houston, from Ottawa by way of Muskoka and Scarborough, has been entertaining Canada for over 4 years. His silly observations and storytelling of daily life in the big beavertail leaves audiences always wanting more. He is mostly made of pizza and coffee but is generally a good human on this weird planet of ours. With a resume of credits like: Cracking Up The Capital Festival, Cottage Comedy Festival, Ottawa Comedy Explosion - he is sought after talent year round. He's also been producing great independent shows for over 3 years in the NCR.

Born in Scarborough, Greg Houston left the Game behind at the tender age of 4. He moved with his parents (because he felt sorry for them) to Muskoka. He was raised a cub scout and a beaver and left Muskoka as soon as possible. Ottawa is where he landed. The Nation's Capital! The Big Beaver Tail! The City Fun Forgot! Well no longer is it the city not fun with Greg Houston in it. And he's doing comedy whenever possible. He'll host and MC events, he'll do stand up anywhere, he'll keep wearing glasses because he needs those to see. 
Magazine launch parties, fashion shows, corporate comedy shows, comedy clubs, dive bars, the back of a bus - wherever there is an opportunity he'll perform for you. Just don't feed him pizza after midnight...
Smart and hip - Greg Houston wows audiences with his nuanced perspective about life and the struggle. A cleaner comedic approach gives him the ability to perform to any crowd and bring them along for a roller coaster ride of laughs. 
He also runs: a monthly Comedy Email/Open Mic (MaXXXed Out Mondays at Maxwell's), a monthly Roast show (Sunday Night Roast at Pour Boy), and hosts a weekly Bingo night at Lieutenant's Pump (Pump It Up Bingo).
Email for any and all bookings. 
Personal Creative Profile: by Spoiled Rotten Life.

Comedy Credits:
Winner of the Ottawa Comedy Awards Best Newcomer 2012.
Winner of Ottawa Comedy Awards Best Independent Show 2014.
Opened for Doug Stanhope 2015 Weeping Liaisons Tour & 2013 Tiny Blisters Tour (June 11th 2015 & August 20th 2013, Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa, Canada).
Supporting Act for Neil Hamburger 2016 at Yuk Yuks Ottawa.
Has performed with: Jon Dore, Mike MacDonald, Mark Little, Chris Locke, Carmen Lynch, Mark Forward, K. Trevor Wilson, Derek Seguin, Ali Hassan, Stephanie Tolev, John Hastings, Eman, Don Kelly, Arthur Simeon, Tyler Morrison, Fraser Young, Sean Donnelly, Faisal Butt...
Performed at Absolute Comedy (Ottawa, Canada). OpenMicMonday Bio.
Performed at Yuk Yuks (Ottawa, Canada).
Performed at Comedy Nest (Montreal, Canada).
Performed at Cracking Up the Capital Festival 2015 - BattleCom.
Perfromed at Ottawa Fringe Festival 2015.
Performed at Ottawa Explosion! Festival 2015, 2014, 2013.
Performed at ChinatownRemized 2015 ,2014.
Performed at the Cottage Comedy Festival 2014.
Performed at the Dark Comedy Festival 2014.
Successfully run Open Mic nights at Mugshots Jail Bar, Manx Pub, Maxwells Bistro.
Runs a Monthly Roast Show at Pour Boy on Somerset the third Sunday of each month.
Hosts a weekly Pump It Up Bingo night at Lieutenants Pump Elgin st.
Hosts a weekly Brewery Bingo night at Lowertown Brewery York st.

Other Credits:
Curated and run a group art show as Oz Kafe May 11 2015 PIZZA ART SHOW.
Presenter at Pecha Kucha x Ottawa Architecture Week 2015.
Hosted Herd Magazine Launch Party volume: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
MC'd many music shows for RockSteady Bookings. Rock, Hip-Hop, Alt-Rock, Rap, Punk.
Hosted the First Annual Ottawa Food Truck Rally for Ottawa Community Housing.
MC'd the MOMENTUM Grad Exhibit's First Party (January 26 2013, Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, Canada).
Hosted the Tits N' Stache Fashion Show (November 12th 2012, Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, Canada).
Hosted the Plaid Party and Logger Release at Kichesippi Brewery (November 3rd 2012, Ottawa, Canada).
MC'd the 4th Annual Zombie Strippers Rockalily Burlesque Show (October 31st 2013, Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa, Canada).
MC'd the Beau's Main Stage at ChinatownRemixed 2014.
Hosted the Beer Barley and Food (Cowboy Campfire Edition) Event (October 19th 2014, Rideau Pines Farm, Ottawa, Canada











*Photo credit: Nix Paul
[]Poster Design: Tyler Joseph Roy
+Poster Design: Gary Franks
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